• It’s no secret that porn has had a mighty hand in driving the adoption of new technologies over the years. The adult industry played a big part in the early days of the VCR, the development of cable television, HD video, and of course, the internet. It’s not as though the adult industry is creating these new technologies, they’re merely taking advantage of new developments before others, putting them in position to be on the leading edge of technology. And of course, the main audience for porn has traditionally been young men, a consumer group that tends to be more willing to take on the risk and expense of adopting new technology early on. So, when virtual reality porn started to hit their inboxes and landing pages, it shouldn’t have come as any surprise that this new technology took off and soared beyond anyone’s expectations.

    With the development of VR technologies and the subsequent growth of the VR headset market, studios are getting in

  • A pioneer in immersive 3D virtual reality porn, WankzVR was among the first studios to produce adult VR scenes. Their first videos were ground-breaking in the industry, but we wanted to see how they’ve held up and evolved with the technology and the ever-burgeoning adult VR niche that’s filling the field with fierce competition.

    WankzVR.com, Pioneers of VR Porn

    We looked at some of their newest features, using all the hardware available to us, both high end like the Rift and the VIVE, and even the Google Cardboard to see just what WankzVR has to offer and to determine if it’s worth paying for.

    Was it Hot?

    Browsing the extensive catalog of WankzVR will take up plenty of your time and there’s lots to tempt you with; currently their catalog boasts over 130 exclusive VR porn videos, most of them full, feature length movies. We decided to dive right in with their newest video, Woman of Wonder. This XXX Wonder Woman VR parody has you pleasuring

  • As rapidly as the adult VR landscape has been expanding there are still few niche sites available with the majority focusing on the always popular MILF genre, but BadoinkVR has gone in a different direction entirely, making the most of VR environments with the cosplay niche site, VRCosplayX. Completely dedicated to cosplay themed porn, your horny inner geek will appreciate their original take on virtual reality.

    VRCosplayX, BadoinkVR’s Adult Cosplay Niche Site Undressed Was it hot?

    If you’re a nerd at heart then you’ll be impressed with the attention to detail that the production teams have put in with quality costumes, and obvious hand crafted details, along with custom sets that create just the right mood whether it’s a crackling fire or a Harry Potter inspired dormitory room.

    Both European and U.S. talent are featured to provide a nice variety, but right now with only 27 movies under their belt there aren’t too many stars to boast

  • In the relatively small VR porn genre there are scarce niche specific sites available, but one such site, MILF VR aims to fill the empty role with enough cougars to make you roar. Designed for a realistic experience with real women with real experience, MILF VR is fairly new, but updated on a regular basis with high quality videos and hot MILF’s.

    MILF VR, Experience Pays Off! Was it hot?

    With everything shot by the same crew that’s produced over 150 WankzVR movies the MILF VR XXX scene are a high-quality experience that feels incredibly immersive. This crew is known for creative setups and scenarios, and tend to take full advantage of VR technology rather than just shooting regular porn with a VR rig. The result is engaging content that feels like it’s really happening as you get down and dirty with some of your favorite MILFs like Aaliya Love, Cherie Deville, and Sarah Vandella. We looked at one of MILF VR’s latest releases, “Bagged a

  • A current favorite among many fans of VR porn, Czech VR has an impressive catalog of content, hot girls, and update a whopping four times a week. Their impressive release schedule and new niche content adds some needed variety in the VR porn genre.

    Czech VR : We Checked Out Europe’s Hottest VR Porn Site! Was It Hot?

    There are plenty of movies to choose from at Czech VR thanks to their aggressive four times a week release schedule, giving them a catalog of over 280 movies. However, we found that movies tended to average a half hour in length, compared to sites like Naughty America VR which are usually close or over an hour long. At Czech VR you’ll find what the name suggests, mostly girls of Czech/European heritage. Though you’ll sometimes find some well-known European stars like Amirah Adara, Antonia Sainz, or Gina Gerson, most are amateur’s or unknown professionals, but with almost 300 scenes to choose from there are quite a few actresses to

  • One of the original VR studios, BaDoinkVR currently has just over 115 movies to their credit. They’re popular among users and have a nice mix of both European and American stars. Updating only once a week, a schedule that puts them behind other sites like Czech VR and BaDoinkVR is still a solid option if you plan on spending your money on a subscription, but expect a somewhat hit or miss catalog with some gems tucked in between some real stinkers.

    BaDoinkVR is Hit or Miss but Still Worth a Trial. Was It Hot?

    We strapped on our Oculus Rift and cued up “Working Her Butt Off” with Zoe Doll. We love Zoe, but did not love this movie, finding that there was poor continuity between takes, the sex felt mechanical, there was no intimacy, and a weird male body alignment.

    We decided to check out another scene to clear the taste of “Working Her Butt Off” from our palette and came upon “Cumming Home” with blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes.

  • A somewhat new arrival on the VR porn scene, HoloGirlsVR started releasing content in late 2015. What began as a Beta site, they’ve progressed slowly to offer some exciting content with noteworthy stars. But this is a site that’s been plagued with problems from day one and we found that their videos are highly hit and miss. When they’re good they’re great, but when they’re bad, they’re terrible and sometimes downright hilarious!

    We Checked Out HoloGirlsVR So You Don’t Have To Was it Hot?

    Videos at HoloGirlsVR are a mixed bag and it’s definitely worth checking out some of their free previews to see if you enjoy their style or they’ll even run well. Samples tend to be around 7 minutes in length, giving you plenty of opportunity to see if they’re for you. Browsing the catalog at HoloGirlsVR, and there are 158 movies to choose from, you’ll notice that most of their early efforts can only be categorized as Beta and