One of the original VR studios, BaDoinkVR currently has just over 115 movies to their credit. They’re popular among users and have a nice mix of both European and American stars. Updating only once a week, a schedule that puts them behind other sites like Czech VR and BaDoinkVR is still a solid option if you plan on spending your money on a subscription, but expect a somewhat hit or miss catalog with some gems tucked in between some real stinkers.

BaDoinkVR is Hit or Miss but Still Worth a Trial.

Was It Hot?

We strapped on our Oculus Rift and cued up “Working Her Butt Off” with Zoe Doll. We love Zoe, but did not love this movie, finding that there was poor continuity between takes, the sex felt mechanical, there was no intimacy, and a weird male body alignment.

BadoinkVR - Working Her Butt Off

Zoe Doll, BadoinkVR / Working Her Butt Off

We decided to check out another scene to clear the taste of “Working Her Butt Off” from our palette and came upon “Cumming Home” with blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes. Clearing out the bad taste of the previous scene, this one was a definite improvement with a stellar performance from Jessa who delivers a stunning titty fuck session. Though we will say the hard tilting standing PoV was a little much to take in Cumming Home.

BadoinkVR - Cumming Home

Jessa Rhodes, BadoinkVR / Cumming Home

We tested out a variety of other scenes and found that despite some distance issues that were prevalent in early scenes the movies were very immersive. We found some videos varied widely on camera perspectives and heights but nothing too disturbing and only in some videos, likely due to the use of different camera and production crews.
You’ll see a good variety of pornstars with a decided emphasis on young and tight European girls. Expect plenty of dirty broken English, something that didn’t bother us in the slightest, and watch for some stellar scenes with Tori Black and Bella Rose.

Did it work?

Designed to work with any headset, BaDoinkVR will even send you a free Google Cardboard headset with your monthly or yearly subscription. Most scenes display good image quality but can be hit or miss and you’ll often experience disturbing camera views that are too close, showing way too much of the penis, or wonky PoV’s and weird blind spots that appear. After the summer of 2016 a new rig solved many problems for BaDoinkVR in terms of resolution and distortion but many users still find the current scale too large.

BadoinkVR - Virtual Reality Porn

BadoinkVR – Virtual Reality Porn

Like with most of the VR sites the early catalog is hit or miss and rife with tech issues, however moving forward to the Spring of 2016 when BaDoinkVR started using a new camera rig videos started to massively improve and the majority of what you’ll see if clear and fully immersive.

Is it Worth it?

There’s lots of content available but again, it’s hit and miss as BaDoinkVR seems to be searching for that special something to set them apart. Though we don’t think they’ve quite found it yet it’s certainly interesting to see where this path takes them.
Movies are updated once per week, a schedule that falls behind the top studios and movies tend to be around a half hour in length, which leads us to expect a little more from them seeing as studios like WankzVR are putting out two quality hour length movies each week.
A membership to BaDoinkVR will give you full access to their site and a discussion forum but not much else, so if you’re looking for a subscription with lots of extras this certainly isn’t it. We suggest starting out with a one day trial subscription for $1.00 USD to check out the catalog and try a few movies out to see if it’s for you. A one-month subscription will cost $28.95 USD while a yearly subscription will set you back around $102 USD.

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