A current favorite among many fans of VR porn, Czech VR has an impressive catalog of content, hot girls, and update a whopping four times a week. Their impressive release schedule and new niche content adds some needed variety in the VR porn genre.

Czech VR : We Checked Out Europe’s Hottest VR Porn Site!

Was It Hot?

There are plenty of movies to choose from at Czech VR thanks to their aggressive four times a week release schedule, giving them a catalog of over 280 movies. However, we found that movies tended to average a half hour in length, compared to sites like Naughty America VR which are usually close or over an hour long.
At Czech VR you’ll find what the name suggests, mostly girls of Czech/European heritage. Though you’ll sometimes find some well-known European stars like Amirah Adara, Antonia Sainz, or Gina Gerson, most are amateur’s or unknown professionals, but with almost 300 scenes to choose from there are quite a few actresses to choose from.

Czech VR - Virtual Reality Porn

Czech VR – Virtual Reality Porn

A membership to the Czech VR network gives you access to Czech VR, Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting, and for the purposes of this review, (we weren’t up to watching fisting up close and in VR early in the morning), we decided to stick with the regular Czech VR and watch “Enthusiastic Realtor” with Jenifer Jane.

Czech VR - Jenifer Jane

Jenifer Jane, Czech VR / Enthusiastic Realtor

First off, Jenifer is hot and if she was our realtor we’d be buying a new house every week. She shows you around, but it’s only one room you’ll be interested in as she shows you how the bedroom in this new house can be used. She’ll do anything to make a sale and the experience was immersive enough that we were ready to put a deposit on down on the house by the time the scene had finished.

Jenifer Jane - Czech VR

Jenifer Jane, Czech VR / More Enthusiastic Realtor

Although with some videos there’s a bit of an English barrier that prevents scripts from going too deep, one thing that Czech VR excels at is attention to detail. The girls keep eye contact and the videos generally feel very intimate.

Did It Work?

One of the reasons why Czech VR is so popular among fans is that their tech is superior to most of what’s out there. They’re pushing moving rigs and can run circles around most VR outfits that use stationary rigs to film. Newer scenes feature top quality audio too which massively enhances the experience.
The production value at Czech VR is among the top in its field as it caters to the adult VR niche. A dedicated crew shows its own flavor and style, and have worked their way up to a high level of production that’s more than worth watching.
While videos at Czech VR tend to be top quality, their download speeds are not.While US users can take advantage of mirror sites for downloading, speeds are still slow, especially compared to competitors.
If you’re going to check out Czech VR try sticking with their latest titles, after June 2016, otherwise you may be faced with scaling and distortion issues that can make close ups seem bizarre. If you really want to view these scenes, then try doing so with a player like the DEO Player and try adjusting stereo separation.

Is It Worth It?

Well that depends on several factors, one being the overabundance of European porn stars. For many that’s a plus, but for those that prefer American women, well those are few and far between at Czech VR. What they lack in variety of stars they more than make up for with a wide range of scenes that span their three VR sites that are included in the Czech VR umbrella. They’re one of the only sites with fetish VR videos, and will have you immersed in freaky action with Czech VR Fetish which accounts for around 70 videos out of their collection of videos. Another 70-odd videos are attributed to Czech VR Casting, basically a voyeur style site that has you watching without participating.

Czech VR Fetish

Czech VR Fetish

The remaining 140 videos are all Czech VR, mainly vanilla style adult scenes of the variety that you’re used to seeing in virtual reality by now.
A membership to Czech VR will give you access to their full collection as well as 6 other 2D sites. Membership options are limited with no trial, giving you options of monthly billing at $24.95 USD, or 90-day access which will rebill every 90 days, for $49.95 USD, and a one-time charge of $84.95 USD which will grant you 180 days of access to the Czech VR network.

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